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The world looks vastly different at night. The dark hides things that we take for granted during the day, but it can also serve as a stunning backdrop if we can add light in a strategic manner. Vancouver Landscape Pros Lighting can help you turn your outdoor environment into a stunning evening oasis.

Consider it an opportunity to highlight key features of the front yard and the garden. If you have large sculptures, amazing waterworks, outdoor seating areas, lengthy walkways, and picturesque plants, then this is your chance to showcase them. They can be illuminated from above, from below, or from the sides, depending on the situation.

You will surely be looking forward to sunset every day knowing just how attractive your property becomes at night. The landscape lighting will draw you out of the house to enjoy the open spaces like never before. You will love entertaining guests in these beautifully lit areas.

Every property will have its own distinct lighting needs. Every owner will have his own preferences. Professional landscape designers can plan and install the lighting system while taking all of these into account. They should be able to provide outdoor lamps, post lights, string lights, deck lights, and other options depending on the situation.

Key Features of Landscape Lighting Quality Materials

Cheap materials like plastic and recycled aluminum are easy on the wallet but they tend to degrade quickly. Opt for quality materials such as lighting fixtures with stainless steel and solid brass chassis for guaranteed longevity.


Since this is an outdoor system, it should be impervious to rain and strong winds. It should also be able to perform at a high level while minimizing hot spots and increasing energy efficiency.


The landscape lighting should add to the appeal of the property. The best designs create an ethereal effect wherein the glow of light transforms the ordinary into objects of fascination.


Every property is unique in terms of size, layout, vegetation, surrounding structures, and other elements. The lighting should respond to these factors to create a uniquely fitting solution.

Benefits of Using Vancouver Landscape Pros Lighting Service Safety Enhancement

Aside from the dramatic effects, these professionally designed and installed lights also serve practical purposes. Their installation allows you to feel safer venturing out at night. The illuminated paths inspire confidence as you walk around.

Crime Prevention 

The lights deter crime by making it harder to hide in the dark. Every corner will be lit up. The entire perimeter will be clear to see from strategic vantage points. No intruder can come inside without being seen right away. Thieves will think twice about their plans.

Value Increase 

The landscape lighting also boosts the property’s value thanks to improved visual appeal. Everyone wants a place that looks attractive. Most are only nice during the day as they fade during the night. If you can manage to make your property look good at all times, then you can expect higher offers.